Transgo Shift kits

Transgo Shift kits, Shift improvement & correction kits are designed to help Correct, Prevent, and Reduce common problems. These kits are normally installed during a bench rebuild, gaskets are NOT supplied and these are NOT performance type kits.

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Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
T106165       TransGo Shift Kits , FMX , 1967-72 (SK 3-67)
TransGo # SK 3-67, Shift improvement / correction kit

T106165A       TransGo Shift Kits FMX 73-81
TransGo # SK 3-73 Shift improvement / correction kit

T22165       TransGo Shift Kits TF6 / TF8 NoYoYo
TransGo # SK TF-SC Corrects converter shudder & premature failure. Loss of power when hot. Reduces harsh Reverse and soft, mushy 1/2 shift.

T22165B       TransGo Shift Kit A500 / A518 / 618 RE & RH Diesel only
* UPDATED KIT ** TransGo # SK TFOD-Diesel, 1988-2003 Shift improvement / correction kit No Pan gasket in kit Firmer Lock up, reduces drain back, reduces soft shifts.
Has resistor and High Temp rings for heavy duty use and now includes a Valve body plate.
Will NOT fit 03-up 48RE

T22167       TransGo Shift Kits JR A500 / A518 88-up
TransGo # SK TFOD-JR Corrects/prevents/reduces: Lube shortage, soft shifts and drainback problems Not a performance type kit

T26165       TransGo Shift Kit, C-4, All 1964 And Early 65 Mustang, SK 4
Corrects/Reduces Chatter & Spin-Up

T26165A       TransGo Shift Kits C4 65-66
TransGo # SK 4L Shift improvement / correction kit

T26165C       TransGo Shift Kits C4 L67-69 & 70 Falcon
TransGo # SK 4SL Shift improvement / correction kit

T26165E       TransGo Shift Kits C4 70-72
TransGo # SK 4-71 Shift improvement / correction kit

T26165F       TransGo Shift Kits C4 / C5 73-86
TransGo # SK C5 Shift improvement / correction kit

T28165       TransGo Shift kit G4A-EL 1986-93
1986-93 SK G4A Shift improvement / correction kit To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit

T28165B       TransGo Shift kit G4A-EL * fits the 6 and 7 solenoid type only
1994-up SK GF4AEL Shift improvement / correction kit To be installed during rebuild! \
Fits: 6 & 7 Solenoid Valve bodies Corrects: Rough 1-2 shift complaint without removing trans. Bang 1-2 shiftRough 2-3 shift. 2-3 cutloose and burned plates. Won't move forward or reverse. Low line pressureTotal Burnup. Pump wear & low or no cooler flow.
Not a performance type kit

T34165       TransGo Shift Kits SK 400
TransGo # SK-400 TransGo Shift Prevents / corrects Soft Shifts, Lazy shifts, Too easy passing gear.

T34165A       TransGo Shift Kits 400 reverse cushion
400RK Corrects harsh reverse

T34165E       Transgo shift kit 4L80E
TransGo # SK4L80E, Transgo shift improvement kit
Extreme quality boost bushing and valve.Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: High pressure parts breakage; has boost valve and pressure relief valve; direct clutch burnup; soft 2-3 slide-bang 1-2; low pressure due to solenoid filter breakup. Missing shifts with no diagnostic codes.

T34165G       TRANSGO SHIFT KIT, 425 1966-78
Corrects/Prevents/Reduces Soft And/Or Late Shifts; 3rdClutch Burn-Up; Rough 1-2; Excessive Passing Gear

T36165       TransGo Shift Kits C6 1967-up
TransGo # SK 6 Shift improvement / correction kit

T36165E       TransGo Shift Kits E4OD / 4R100 *Updated Kit
TransGo # SK E4OD Shift improvement / correction kit 1988-2001 Prevents / corrects / Reduces soft shifts, converter burn up, delayed reverse, pump buzz.

T42165C       TransGo Shift Kits KM175 / KM177, 85-UP
TransGo # SK KM-175/77 Fix's Cutloose and clutch burnup problems. To be installed during a rebuild only! Not a performance type kit.

T44165       TransGo Shift Kits 350 / 350C
TransGo # SK-350 A TransGo NoYoYo shift kit Prevents / corrects Soft shifts, Late shifts, Premature friction failure
Must order VB gaskets for 350C separately.

T46165       SHIFT KIT, 5R55S '99-02 , 5R55W 2002-04
Reduce Codes: P1740, P0732, 733, 735.
Double lock up converter clutch holding power with a smooth apply. Pump alignment will reduce seal and bushing failure.

T53165       TRANSGO Shift Kit, N4A-EL/929/RX7, 1988-90, SK N4AEL
Corrects/Prevents/Reduces 1-2 Slide; Soft 4th; SpinUp 2-3; 3-2 Cutloose

T54165A       TransGo Shift Kits 200 76-78 only
TransGo # SK 200 Shift improvement / correction kit

T54165AA       TransGo Shift Kits 200C 79-87
Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: Reverse delay hot; downshift clunk when stopping; 1-2 slide or slide-bump; 2-3 cutloose; 3-2 kickdown cutloose.
TransGo # SK 279

T54165B       TransGo Shift Kits 200-R4
TransGo # SK 200-R4 Shift improvement / correction kit

T54165C       TransGo Shift Kit 325 SK325
TransGo # SK325

T54165D       TransGo Shift Kits 325-4L 82-85
TransGo # SK 325-4L Shift improvement / correction kit To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit

T56165       TransGo Shift Kits C3
TransGo # SK C3 Shift improvement / correction kit

T56165H       TransGo Shift Kit 4R44E / 55 / 5R55E SK 44-55E
TransGo # SK4R44E/55 Valve body & separator plate calibration & Clutch seal parts. To be installed during a rebuild. Valve body gaskets and pan gaskets are NOT included in this package!

T56167E       TransGo Shift Kits A4LD
TransGo # A4LD-JR Corrects/prevents/reduces: Direct clutch failure, soft 1-2, lock up too soft, cutlose 2-3, late upshifts and 1-3 upshifts at light throttle To be installed during a rebuild only. Can not install in car.

T64165       TransGo Shift Kits 125 / 125C 80-UP
TransGo # SK 125 Shift improvement / correction kit Not a performance type kit

T66165       TransGo Shift Kits ATX
TransGo # SK FX Shift improvement / correction kit

T73165A       TransGo Shift Kits RE4R01A, RL4R01A and RE4R03A Shift improvement kit
1988 up Nissan, Mazda. Corrects/prevents planet burnup, 3rd clutch failure, soft 1-2 shift, band burnup and low lube flow. To be installed during rebuild! Includes High-Temp Low Shrink sealing rings Not a performance type kit
Applications, .RE4R03A, Nissan V8's, Infiniti, SUV's JR403, and Trucks

T74165       TransGo Shift Kits, 700-R4 82-93
TransGo # SK 700 Shift improvement / correction kit
Stuck TV, downshift clunk, 3-4 clutch failure, soft & slide bump shifts, reverse delay hot

T74165E       TransGo Shift Kits 4L60E & 4L65E 1993-2012 (will not work on Hybrid)
TransGo # SK 4L60E Shift improvement / correction kit Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: No lock-up or 4th and code 1870. Cutloose & bang from reverse to drive; forward and low/reverse clutch burnup. 1-2 bump; double bump; slide-bump; delayed reverse engagement hot. Includes new design PWM boost valve. Also corrects worn valve body, rough shifts and blinking light. No special tools needed.

T74167       TransGo Shift Kits JR TH700-R4 1985-UP
TransGo # SK 700-Jr Shift improvement / correction kit Easy Installation!
Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: FIXES late shifts & Sticking TV Valve. Prevents 3-4 clutch failure, soft / slide-bump 1-2
Helps 2-3 cutloose & shuttle 4-3-4-3 shifting.

T76165       TransGo Shift Kits AOD 80-93 (*will not fit AODE)
TransGo # SK AOD Shift improvement / correction kit

T76165E       TransGo Shift Kits AODE / 4R70W *Updated Kit
TransGo # SK AODE Shift improvement / correction kit Calibration and Assembly Upgrade, Install during rebuild only.
1991-04 Ford, Mercury, Lincoln
1994 - up Mustang, T-Bird, Bronco, Lt Trucks

T83165A       SHIFT KIT, RL4F03A - GOVERNOR TYPE only
Designed to be installed during a rebuild. Gaskets are not included in kit.

T83165B       TransGo Shift Kit RE4FO4A & 4F20E
Quest, Altima, Maxima DOHC RE4FO4A & RE4FO4V and Mercury Villager 4F20E To be installed during a rebuild for complete installation of this kit. Partial installation (valve body parts only) if the trans is not removed from car.

T84165-3       TRANSGO Shift Kit, 440-T4 Tri-Pack (Fixes 3 Transmissions)
1983-Up, SK 440-3VB, Servo, Drum & Accumulator Parts. Corrects/Prevents/Reduces 2nd Clutch Failure; Rev. SlideBang; 3rd Clutch Failure; No Upshift; 2nd Gear

T84167       TransGo Shift Kits JR 4T60 / 440-T4 85-93
TransGo # SK 440-Jr Shift improvement / correction kit To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit

T84167E       TransGo Shift Kits JR 4T60E 91-99
TransGo # SK 4T60E-Jr Shift improvement / correction kit To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit
Corrects: Light throttle converter shudder. Contains hardened pins and Tuff" accumulator piston seals to reduce clutch failure due to pin and seal wear, 3rd clutch seal is self expanding. Includes PWM valve, lock-up regulator valve & bushings.

T84167G       TransGo Shift kit, 4T65E 97-08 "Including Volvo 4T65E"
Installs during rebuild. Corrects / prevents codes P1811 - P0741.
Transgo Catalog listing > For electronic pressure controlled transmission, parts and data included. Prevents long shifts and hard shifts, chatter on acceleration, no 4th, or lock-up. Addresses Codes P1811 & P0741.

T86165       TransGo Shift Kits AXOD 86-90 *Updated Kit
TransGo # SK AXOD Shift improvement / correction kit To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit

T86165E       TransGo Shift Kits AXODE / AX4S 91-up
TransGo # SK AXODE Shift improvement / correction kit To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit
Upgraded kit with Boost Valve

T86165H       TransGo Shift Kit, AX4N 95-UP, SK AX4N
Corrects/Reduces/Prevents No Forward; Soft 1-2;Rough Shifts; Piston Seal Damage Due To High LinePressure; 2nd Clutch Failure

T86167E       TransGo Shift kit Jr. AXODE- AX4S, 1996-2003
Shift Kit, AXODE-JR AX4S Junior (Windstar, Taurus, Sable, Continental)
Updated listing!

T92165       TransGo Shift Kits A604 / A606 / 42RLE
TransGo # SK 604 To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit
Includes: Case, accumulator and valve body parts.
Prevents Common Limp Causes. Upgrades early designs to later specs. Special ring/seal upgrades.
Shift Kit, 604, 606, 42LE, 40TE, 41TE, 41AE, 42RLE (Transgo)

T93165       TRANSGO Shift Kit, RE4FO2A &RL4FO2A, 1986-96, SK RE4FO2A
Fits Maxima 85-96 Exc DOHC, Pulsar 88-90, Stanza86-92. Falls Out of Gear at Stop HOT; Shudder OnStart Off; Delayed Forward; No 3rd After 3-2 or 4-2Kickdown; Burns 3-4 Clutches.

Transgo # SK CD4E-Jr, Corrects: Runaway line pressure and the resulting parts breakage. Fixes converter slip, bushing wear and planet burnup. Fixes code 628 and low lube condition.
Contains EPC Relief Valve to prevent runaway pressures.