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75494       Transmission Dipstick Kit - Eurovan 1992-2003 *Backordered Until Early Sept.*
This kit includes the dipstick tube, the dipstick, seal ring for the tube base and for some brief installation instructions print the .pdf below.

Comparison of the original VW transmission dipstick (top) to the ones that I've modified Dipstick Comparison PDF file

Instructions for installing the transmission dipstick tube. Instructions PDF file
The installation file is directed at Rialta owners, but can be used on any Eurovan chassis.

A75010A       Filter, 095 / 096 / 097 / 098 1990-1/95
Round inlet, oval shaped outlet.

A75010C       Filter, 01M, 01N, 01P 1/95-UP
Round inlet & outlet on top & bottom, .
Old part # 75010B

A75011C       FILTER KIT, 096/01M 96-UP(Rialta EuroVan 1995-2003)
This fits all years of EuroVan late 1995-2003 used for the Rialta
The very early '95 Rialta used a different transmission (098) and it uses a different filter.
If you attempt to buy these parts from a VW dealership, the price will range from $50 to $125