Transmission Jacks & Supports

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
HTJ-1000       Tool, Transmission Jack, GRAY 2 STAG
The #1 choice of the professional automotive transmission repair shops. The HTJ-1000 has proven to be a leader by contributing years of trouble-free service and unsurpassed quality. The unique two-stage design has been an asset to many technicians allowing them complete control of the jack during installation and removal of transmissions. Used exclusively by some of the largest transmission repair facilities, Gray's model HTJ-1000 will definitely become the most popular transmission jack used in your shop!
Unique design, .Gray's two-stage air and hydraulic design combines the power, speed, precision and durability demanded by the professionals.
User friendly, .first-stage foot pedal controls, ratcheting head brackets and fore/aft tilt provides precise adjustments.
Powerful, .1,000-lb capacity
Reliable, .a time proven hydraulic system insures years of trouble free service.
Exact control, .of transmission with high degree of forward tilt of 50, rear tilt of 20 and side tilt of 10 adjustments.
Smooth maneuverability, .four high quality 4" diameter swiveling casters.
Rugged "Nylon Speed Strap" provided, .quickly secures the load

KT-208       Tool, FWD ENGINE Support FROM K & K
Transmission Tool

PT-200-D       Tool, ENGINE HANGER, Universal
Transmission Tool

T-0180-A       Tool, 2-TON HIGH Axle Stand

T-0184-C       Tool, 6 GALLON Lift drain DRUM DOLLY
Use under T-0179

T-0197       Tool, Lift drain
5 Gal capacity
12" diameter top

T-0197-P       Tool, Lift drain (PLASTIC)
5 Gal capacity
12" diameter top

T-0197-PL       Tool, Lift drain 16-GAL (PLASTIC)

T-1256-A       Tool, ENGINE HANGER