Spring Compressors

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
T-0149       Tool, INPUT Clutch HOUSING Spring CO MPRESSOR

T-0150       Tool, REAR Clutch Tool
Old powerglide Rear Clutch spring compressor *Special order (1-2 days)

T-0151       Tool, 350 / 700 / 4L60E Rear Clutch compressor
Transmission Tool: Easy and inexpensive way to remove the rear clutch springs in the back of the case.
GM 350 / 700 / 4L60E transmissions only.

T-0152       Tool, REAR ClutchCompressor

T-0157       Tool, Universal- Clutch Spring Compressor- With Quick Lock

T-0157-K       Tool, Compression Ring Kit
Use with # T-0157-K

T-0158       Tool, Portable Clutch Spring Compressor ***Call for Availability***
Contact us for availability, . Universal- Clutch Spring Compressor Kit
Removes clutch pistons from virtually all auto-transmissions, foreign & domestic.
Features: Special adapters included for Ford ATX, AOD, AXOD. * More coverage than a foot press. * Easy Snap-In method permits removal and installation of snap rings in clutch drum units. * Use on clutch drums with center shafts. * Patented Quick Set Nut Assembly speeds positioning of tool. * Comes with heavy duty case. * U.S. PATENTED
Specifications: INSTRUCTIONS: *Squeeze tool and insert into clutch drum. * Turn knob to compress the clutch springs. Remove snap rings. * Lift off spring retainer and service clutch drum as necessary
For A604 order T-1456 Chrysler- 2 & 4 Clutch Spring Compressor- Adapter- [for T-0158] [for 604, 604E]

T-0158-4L       Tool, LONG ARMS for T-158HD (PR)

T-0158-HD       Tool, Bench top Clutch Drum Spring Compressor by ATEC
T-0158-HD Clutch Drum Spring Compressor w/ Long Legs
Features: Most Economical Unit, * Long legs for deep drums, * Mounts on work bench or vise.
Does not do rear case pistons

T-0158-SP       Tool, SNAPRESS Spring Compressor
HAGGERTY Updated design

T-0171       Tool, Transmission Foot Press by ATEC
Transmission foot press. For removal of snap rings in drums and the rear of cases. Now includes longer legs for late model transmissions.
Ships directly from ATEC mfg.

T-0171-A       Tool, Adapter for T-0171, SMALL LOOP

T-0171-J       Tool, Adjustable Compressor Adapter with 3 point contact

T-1318       Tool, O/D Spring compressor ***Call for Availability***
O/D Spring compressor alignment shaft set
A500 / A518
(T-1307 + T-1302)

T-1420K       Tool, Spring Compressor Kit
Overdrive Reverse reaction plate

T-1431       Tool, Overdrive & Reverse Reaction Plate Spring Compressor
Use with center support bolt T-1437 and T-1443

T-1437       Tool, 2-4 Piston Spring Compressor
Center bolt to be used with T-1431 and T-1443
604 & 606

T-1437-1       Tool, ROD, Spring Compressor--for USE IN THE T-1420K

T-1443       Tool, Overdrive & Reverse Spring Compressor