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Saturn TAAT
Transmission breakdown illustration

Note: 2000-05 Saturn 3.0L used 4T40E, 4T45E transmissions not the TAAT!

Saturn TAAT
Automatic Transmission Parts

Click here for important info on our Transmission Rebuild Kits
Transmission kits Image Price    
10006APF Master Kit , SATURN TAAT W/Bonded pistons & pan gasket
Includes: overhaul kit, 1 Sided Friction clutch plates
INCLUDES bonded pistons & Fiber Pan Gasket
  $ 242.78  
10002AF Overhaul kit, TAAT
Does NOT include molded pistons! …Basic overhaul kit includes, paper gaskets, O rings, lip seals, metal clad seals and sealing rings.
  $ 105.23  
Clutch plates Image Price    
F10100A Friction, TAAT, Internal spline, One sided
.061, 36 Internal Teeth
Order 1-15 as needed
  $ 3.16  
F10141A Apply Plate, TAAT, 1/2/3/4 One sided External tooth
May require up to 4
Apply Plate, Bottom Plates of All Drums (1 Sided Friction, External Teeth)
  $ 5.9  
F10120A Friction, TAAT, External splines, One sided
.061, 8 External Teeth
Order 1-11 as needed
  $ 3.18  
Filters Image Price    
Common brand - Allomatic
$ 8.72  
Common brand - SPX
$ 16.72  
Gaskets & O rings Image Price    
10302A Pan Gasket: SATURN, top pan 1991-UP
OE type - special fiber w/ seal
$ 9.44  
Gasket, Top Pan Metal & Bonded Rubber
1997-2002 (not included in kits)
$ 59.72  
10304A Gasket, TAAT, Side cover

$ 5.32  
10318A Gasket, TAAT, Case to converter housing

$ 8.32  
10320K Gasket Kit, Valve Body SATURN . 91-02 UPPER & LOWER
Valve Body gaskets only
  $ 15.11  
Sprags Image Price    
A10652A Sprag, SATURN Input Sprtag insert

$ 69.37  
Metal Clad Seals Image Price    
10070A Seal, Front, SATURN TAAT
Converter seal
$ 6.51  
10076B Seal, Right Axle, SATURN TAAT
Bell housing side
Old # 10076A
$ 15.5  
10077B Seal, Left Axle, SATURN TAAT
Old # 10076AA
Case side
  $ 12.17  
10074A Seal, SATURN , Output shaft
Seal, Rear Cover to Pinion Shaft Pilot (Black Plastic)
  $ 2.65  
Solenoids Image Price    
10421AC Solenoid, TAAT / SATURN 3rd design White Top
Order 5 per unit, 1993-2002 , EPC, Lock-up & Shift
$ 63.89  
D10421A Solenoid 1st design +80327 91-92 Blue or Black
1991-1992 Black or Blue Top (Order 5 Per Unit)
$ 91.16  
D10436 Sensor, Input & Output TAAT 91-UP
Input & Output (TSS / VSS)
$ 48  
D10414 Switch, Solenoid Connector Plate TAAT 91UP
Switch, Solenoid Connector Plate
$ 255.96  
D10410B MLPS W/ Flats SATURN 95-02
Manual Lever Position Switch (MLPS) (w/ Flats)
$ 93.41  
D10410A MLPS W/Grooves SATURN 91-94
Manual Lever Position Switch (MLPS) (w/ Grooves)
  $ 132.32  
D10446K Wiring Harness, External Repair SATURN 91-2002
Wiring Harness, External Repair Solenoid
$ 148.09  
Transmission repair manuals Image Price    
10400A Transmission repair manual on CD , SATURN TAAT
ATSG automatic transmission repair manual on CD, Disassembly, inspection and assembly sections. Diagnosis, testing and lot of pictures
Saturn TAAT Transaxle found in Saturn vehicles.
Covers assembly, dis-assembly, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and electronic controls & operation
$ 31.93  
Hard parts Image Price    
P10740B Valve Body: Rebuilt TAAT 1993-up *Read info
Rebuilt VB, 2nd Design with Red Solenoid Actuators.
Will NOT replace 1st design with blue or black actuators!
Various rebuilders, Tested & updated
Must Re-use Man Valve and Detent Lever.
NO parts returns allowed on this item!
  $ 367.46  

Pumps do not include seals, gaskets or o'ring

Pumps Image Price    
A10507K Valve Retainer, Lube Relief SATURN TAAT
Includes Cup 7 Plug , 3 / package, SUPERIOR # K044
  $ 20.2  
Drums Image Price    
A10962A Piston Bonded (1 piston) SATURN 2nd, 3rd, 4th clutch
Requires 1 for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Clutch Drums (Bonded)so order 3 as needed
$ 16.47  
A10964A Piston Bonded, SATURN 1st clutch
Piston, 1st Clutch Drum (Bonded)
  $ 11.04  
Sonnax Items Image Price    
S10741F Boost Valve, SATURN pressure regulator
Sonnax Part # 95200-03K , Alt. vender: # W-S10741P-1AK
TYPE 2 Valve body

Click for Sonnax Information Sheet
  $ 71.59  
S10741P-2 Sleeve, Saturn Pressure Regulator valve , *Tool required
Sonnax Part # 95200-05K , Alt. vender: # W-S10741P-2K
Requires # T-95200-TL Reamer tool

Click for Sonnax Information Sheet
  $ 39.19  
S10741P-3 Spring pressure regulator, SATURN TAAT
…. Common vender is Sonnax # 95200-01
  $ 13.18  
S96741BK Bypass Clutch Control Sleeve & Plunger Valve, CD4E
Sonnax Part # 73840-BK , Alt. vender: # W-S96741BAK
Requires tool # T-73840-BTL ….BYPASS KIT
Click for Sonnax Information Sheet
$ 92.64  
S96741CK Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve, CD4E
Sonnax Part # 73840-RK , Alt. vender: # W-S96741CAK
Requires tool # T-73840-RTL ….REGULATOR KIT
Click for Sonnax Information Sheet
$ 92.74  
S96741K Kit, includes # S96741BK & S96741CK, CD4E
Sonnax Part # 73840-MK , Alt. vender: # W-S96741BAAK
Includes: Bypass Clutch Control Sleeve & Plunger Valve & Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve... Requires T-73840-MTL for installation….

Click for Sonnax Information Sheet
  $ 182.34  
T-95200-TL Tool, Reamer kit for S10741P-2
Common vender is Sonnax # 95200-TL
  $ 662.29  
S10174 Sure Cure Kit (requires T-95200-TL) (Sonnax) (91-02)
Sonnax # SC-TAAT, Alt. vender: # W-S10741PK
Includes Pressure Regulator Sleeve Kit* , Pressure Regulator Valve, Pressure Regulator Valve Cushion Spring, Boost Valve Kit (Fits Type 2 valve bodies only)
Requires Tool T-95200-TL to install

Click for Sonnax Information Sheet
  $ 141.7  
Remanufactured Valve Bodies Image Price    
P10740-1 Valve body TAAT , 93-Up , 3rd design solenoid type
Remanufactured valve body: w/updated PR system, w/tested solenoids
Reference # P81990B
Please note that core deposit maybe required before shipping.
$ 607.93  
P10740-2 Valve body TAAT , 91-92, 1st design solenoid type
Remanufactured valve body: w/updated PR system, w/tested solenoids
Reference # P81990
Please note that core deposit maybe required before shipping.
$ 607.85  
T-BB100A Accumulator Buddy Kit / Bore B rushes

$ 82.61  
T-BB100 Tool, Bench buddy kit
Superior Bench Buddy (Superior BB100 )
Problem Solver
Impregnated with a special super fine abrasive, Bench Buddy brushes easily remove small burrs and polish the inside of a valve bore with virtually no enlargement of the bore diameter itself. Each Bench Buddy kit features 4 different sized brushes. * Improves the surface finish of a bore by up to 50% * Restore smooth valve operation in seconds * Services bores from 1/4 to 1
$ 67.45  

Instant Shudder Fixx, 
A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for INSTANTLY eliminating torque converter lock-up shudder
Torque converters Image Price    
HMS-1 TAAT Converter, 10 inch , 19 spline, 4 Lugs GP3 ink code
10 inch diameter, stepped slotted hub (1.65 inch/1.581 inch) with o-ring, 4 mounting lugs held by plate on 8 5/8 inch bolt circle, .902 inch pilot, 19 spline, clutch type unit
Ink code: GP3
  $ 260.54  
TC-GM80 Torque converter, Saturn
Diameter - 9.75”, .905”, Mount - 4 Pads, Splines - 19
Notes - TAAT1995-01 Saturn w/ TAAT Transmission. (Hub O-Ring Not Incl.)
Codes: C-P3, 76322
NOTICE: Converters do not qualify for free shipping! Some Converters may require an $80.00 core charge added to order. We will contact you if core charge is required on your converter.
$ 192.89  
Tools Image Price    
T-0015 Tool, LIP Seal installer
Universal Transmission - Lip Seal Installer. Helps to roll most lip seals in without damage.
$ 40.33  
T-1079 Tool, Double pointed scribe, 9 1/4 long
Heat treated high carbon steel picks. Removes O rings, gaskets, springs and great for removing snap rings.
Straight and 90 degree angle points.
$ 18.84  
T-0280-C Tool, Bushing cutting chisel ***NOW AVAILABLE!!***
Cuts using the Curl Cut method. Also known as a Tailpipe cutter.
$ 39.81  
Miscellaneous Items Image Price    
A44839 Transmission MAGNET, Square
Magnet fits in most pans
Traps fine metal shavings
Approx 1" L x 3/4" W
$ 2.34  
M463SA Ground strap, 14 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems.
A must check item on every rebuild.
$ 3.62  
M463SB Ground strap, 42 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems. A must check item on every rebuild
$ 7.52  
A44839B Transmission MAGNET, round
Round, thick (.250" +-) Magnet fits in most pans to trap fine metal shavings
$ 2.21  
M465SC Trans Prep green Transmission Assembly Lube


Specifically designed for automatic or manual transmission assembly. Lubricates o-rings, gaskets, bearings, bushings, sealing rings, thrust washers & seals during assembly. It’s unique blue color prevents misdiagnosing leaks. Trans Prep will not melt at shop temperatures up to 135º & is formulated to dissolve quickly at operating temperatures, therefore not clogging filters. Trans Prep is compatible with all transmission fluids.
  • Designed to maintain tackiness in warmer environments
  • Holds parts in place and provides lubrication during start up
  • Compatible with all ATFs
  • Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures
  • GREEN formula eliminates misdiagnosing leaks
  • Smart Blend #5250 16oz.
  • $ 11.48  
    LA-2001K 18 oz. Cooler line cleaner with 5/16 and 3/8 adapter

    Always flush the cooling system

    Contaminated fluid will stay in the cooling system, this will flush out the system and prevent re-contamination to the transmission!

    Life Automotive Products INVENTED, DESIGNED & PATENTED the first aerosol Transmission Cooler Flush product in 1993 utilizing an OEM approved, biodegradable cleaning agent. Trans Flush’s unique design and patented technology have made it the #1 selling cooler and line flusher worldwide. It safely flushes out harmful contaminants (metal shavings and sludge) from the transmission cooler and lines preventing the contaminants from entering a newly installed transmission. Accept No Imitations
  • Prevents Contamination (metal shavings & sludge etc.)
  • Prevents Costly Comebacks
  • Patented High Pressure Cleaner
  • #1 Choice of Professional Mechanics Worldwide
  • OEM & Large Rebuilder Approved Supplier
  • Proven and Used in Millions of Vehicles
    Contains:M465F18 & M465FB

    Click here for a TRANS FLUSH" Cooler line return chart.
  • $ 24.68  

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