Miscellaneous Items

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
2000       Mount, GM RWD Universal transmission
Replaces most single stud or two hole mounts from 1955 to 1996.
3 bolt holes on mount. Use bolt in center hole to replace center stud mount.
Use 2 out side bolt holes to replace 2 bolt type mounts.
Wide notched base with elongated bolt holes will fit the narrow 350, 200, 700R4 and wide base 400 transmissions.
Will Not replace Offset type mounts
NEW # EM-5000

A44839       Transmission MAGNET, Square
Magnet fits in most pans, Traps fine metal shavings
Approx 1 inchL x 3/4 inch W

A44839B       Transmission MAGNET, round
Round, thick (.250" +-) Magnet fits in most pans to trap fine metal shavings

M463D       GM Universal RWD dust cover
Fits 90% of GM RWD automatic transmissions from 1965-1995
Alt. part # K35803U

M463SA       Ground strap, 12 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems.
A must check item on every rebuild.

M463SB       Ground strap, 42 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems. A must check item on every rebuild
PI# 35756A

M465SC       Assemblee Goo, Green Transmission Assembly Lube
ASSEMBLEE GOO is formulated for use as an assembly aid and lubricant for virtually any assembly application (including engines!). It provides lubrication and helps facilitate the assembly process, by holding components such as needle bearings and hydraulic seals in place. Simply apply to O-rings, seals, bearings, gaskets, sealing rings, bushings, thrust washers and much more.

Provides your choice of tack strength, firmer (GREEN) great for summer months and lighter tack (BLUE) great for winter months
No water/soapy residue to contaminate new automatic transmission fluid
Dyed green or blue to prevent misdiagnosing leaks
Will not melt at shop temperatures
Not harmful with prolonged skin contact
Will not clog filters
Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures
Proprietary green formula contains rust inhibitor
Compatible with all transmission fluids