GM Front Wheel

Subcategories in GM Front Wheel

Subcategories in GM Front Wheel

Pan Gasket picture for ID onlyTransmission type Identification aids
325, 325-4L transmissions
Older Full sized FWD cars (Eldorado / Toronado)
325 was a 3 speed, the 325-4L is a 4 speed.

325 Rear pan is flat
325-4L pan has a HUMP for the OD section
3T40, 125, 125C transmission
125 is a 3 speed unit
125C is a 3 speed with a Lock-Up converter.
Both also have a side pan covering the valve body.

Valve body cover gasket
4T40E / 4T45E transmission
4 speed FWD transmissions 1995-up

Side Cover Gasket
4T60, 440-T4 transmission
4 speed FWD

Uses a Modulator, TV Cable and 1 Lock-Up Switch
4T60E transmission
4 speed FWD, full electronic
Uses 3 Shift Solenoids

Side Cover Gasket
Uses 3 Shift Solenoids
4T65E transmission
4 speed FWD 1997-up, uses the same pan gasket as 4T60E.
Normally found in the 3.8L Supercharged cars and 3.4L V6 w/ DOHC. The 4T65E has a large Case electrical connector in the top of the side pan.

Side Cover Gasket
4T80E transmission
4 speed FWD 1993-up

Side Cover Gasket
425 FWD transmission
Old Eldorado / Toronados Transmission has a modulator on the driver side, 3 speed unit.

Side Chain Cover Gasket
TAAT Saturn transmission
Pan on top of transmission

External filter

Internal filter
Valve Body Pan Gasket on TOP Saturn VT20 / VT25 (CVT transaxle)
Note: There is no bottom pan on this unit, so the filter is not a maintence service item. The transaxle must be disassembled to replace the filter.
. 2ML70 Front Wheel Drive
. 6T40 & 6T45 transversely mounted
Six speed automatic transmissions
. 6T70 & 6T75 transverse mounted
Six speed automatic transmissions