GM Rear Wheel

Subcategories in GM Rear Wheel

Subcategories in GM Rear Wheel

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Pan Gasket picture for ID onlyTransmission type Common filters
180, 3L30 transmission
3 speed automatic. GM, Isuzu
200, 200C transmission
3 speed automatic, has a TV cable and NO modulator

200-4R transmission
4 speed automatic. No modulator, Govenor in side of the pan. 1 piece case.
250, 350, 350C transmission
3 speed automatic. Uses a modulator on right rear of case and a Passing gear cable. A 250C is a light duty version and uses a adjustable band for 2nd. (250's are not very common)

3L80, 400 transmission
3 speed automatic. Modulator on right side under the cooler lines. 4 bolt Govenor-cover on left rear of case. Electric kick-down switch.

Late 1967 up
4L30E transmission
4 speed automatic. Uses various bottom pans

4L60,700R4 transmission
4 speed automatic 1982-1993. No modulator but has a TV cable.
4L60E, 4L65Etransmission
4 speed automatic 1993-up. Full electronic version, NO TV cable.

4L80E transmission
4 speed automatic. Big Heavy Duty transmission.
5L40E / 5L50E RWD
5 Speed automatic transmission.
Various Heights of Filters

6L50 series RWD
6 Speed automatic transmission.

GM 6L50, 6L80 & 6L90 are the larger style GM transmissions.
BMW 6L45 (some BMW)
6-speed longitudinally-mounted automatic transmission

ST300 transmission
2 speed (Pontiac) automatic, push in modulator on rear of case

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Aluminum Powerglide transmission
2 speed automatic. Uses a Screw in modulator for pressure control, TV rod for the shift control.