Valve body kits

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A38165A       Valve Body & Pump Upgrade Kit, F4A-EL, 4EAT-F (TransLab)
Superior Part # STL-F4A-CPR
The F4A-EL TransLab Valve Body Upgrade Kit corrects or prevent the following problems: * Delay, Slip, Chatter Reverse * 3-4 Clutch Failure * Converter Clutch Failure * Bumpy 1-2 * 2-3 Flare or Cutloose * Lock-Up Won't Release * Improves Overall Performance
Fits: F4AEL and F4AEL-E

T38165A       F4A-EL, Pump, Valve Body, and Seal Upgrade
TransGo # SKF4AEL TransGo shift Kit 1 pan tranmission. Corrects-reduce-prevent rough 1-2 shift, 3rd clutch failure, High & low line pressure. To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit

T-BB100       Tool, Bench buddy kit
Superior Bench Buddy (Superior BB100 )
Problem Solver
Impregnated with a special super fine abrasive, Bench Buddy brushes easily remove small burrs and polish the inside of a valve bore with virtually no enlargement of the bore diameter itself. Each Bench Buddy kit features 4 different sized brushes. * Improves the surface finish of a bore by up to 50% * Restore smooth valve operation in seconds * Services bores from 1/4 to 1

T-BB100A       Accumulator Buddy Kit / Bore B rushes