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BW4405 (Cast 44-05) Ford, Mazda
Transfer Case Parts
breakdown illustration
Transfer Case breakdown illustration

Complete Reman Transfer Cases are now available!

Call for price & availability

BW4405 (Cast 44-05) Ford, Mazda
Transfer Case Parts

Bearing Kit Image Price    
BK4405 Bearing Kit, BW 4405 (Cast 44-05)
BW4405, Bearing Kit, BW 4405 (Cast 44-05)
  $ 84.01  

Bearings, Bushings & Washers Image Price    
351268 Output Bearing (Rear) (# 6206-N)
Fits Multi - Applications, Bearing (2.439OD, .629 Thick) (87-94)
  $ 8.47  
345240 Input Bearing
BW4405, Input Bearing (45mm ID, 85mm OD, 19mm Thick) / DANA28, Input / Output Bearing
  $ 22.27  
315241 Input Shaft Bearing (Inner)
BW1350, BW1354, BW4405 Bearing, Input Shaft Bearing (Inner)
  $ 12.19  
305068 Bushing (inside Input Shaft)
BW1345, BW1350, BW1354, BW1356, BW1370, BW4405, BW4407 Bushing, Input to Output
  $ 3.45  
345215 Thrust Washer (Plastic)
BW4405, Thrust Washer (Plastic)
  $ 1.84  
334206K Shim Kit, Rear Case
BW4405, Shim Kit, Rear Case
  $ 8.59  

Cases & Housings Image Price    
345760-1 Case Half (Front)
BW4405, Case Half (Front)
  $ 649.57  
345760-2 Case Half (Rear)
BW4405, Case Half (Rear)
  $ 616.28  

Chains & Sprockets Image Price    
345805 Drive Sprocket
BW4404, BW4405 Drive Sprocket
  $ 53.24  
HV-070 Chain (1.25 Wide) 37 Links (2 Blue Links & ET Guides) (98-Up)
BW4405, Chain (1.25 Wide) 37 Links (2 Blue Links & ET Guides) (98-Up)
  $ 100.82  
HV-051 Chain (1.25 Wide) 37 Links (1 Blue Link) (90-97)
BW4405, Chain (1.25 Wide) 37 Links (1 Blue Link) (90-97)
  $ 92.44  

Filter Image Price    
345012-1 Filter Hose
BW4405, Filter Hose
  $ 8.26  
345012 Pump Screen (Filter)
BW4405, Pump Screen (Filter)
  $ 9.67  

Gasket & Seal Kits Image Price    
TSK4405 Gasket & Seal Kit, BW 4405
BW4405, Gasket & Seal Kit, BW 4405
  $ 21.96  

Gaskets & O-Rings Image Price    
315770-1 Transfer Case to Adapter Gasket

BW1345, BW4405, DANA 28 Gasket, Transfer Case to Adapter Gasket (A4LD, 4R44E, 5R55E, 5R55W)
same as #315304
$ 5.7  
76305 Gasket, Extension Housing (AOD, AODE, 4R70W)
BW1345, BW1356, BW4404, BW4405, DANA28 Gasket, Transmission to Adapter Gasket (AOD, AODE, 4R70W)
$ 2.03  
56305 Transmission to Adapter Gasket (C-3, A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E)
BW1345, BW1350, BW1354, BW4404, BW4405, DANA 28 Gasket, Transmission to Adapter Gasket (C-3, A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E)
$ 1.42  
345304 Transmission to Adapter Gasket (5R55W)
BW4405, Transmission to Adapter Gasket (5R55W)
  $ 5.86  

Miscellaneous Components Image Price    
TC4405C BW4405 Case Saver & Protector (Ranger/Explorer)

BW4405 (TS# 345996 )
Case Saver & Protector

Save your customer money and hassle by installing our TC4405C case saver. If your needs require case-half replacement, using this will prevent the problem from ever occurring.
Use requires slight modification to the pump tab by grinding approximately .050 from the tip.
Small investment of time results in another permanent repair!

Click here for the Case Saver & Protector Bulletin
$ 43.59  
345997 Speedometer Gear (7T)
BW4405, Speedometer Gear (7T)
  $ 32.56  
345550AK Clutch Housing Assembly (includes Housing, Clutches & Steels)
BW4405, Clutch Housing Assembly (includes Housing, Clutches & Steels)
  $ 228.08  
345626 Electric Shift Cam
BW4405, Electric Shift Cam
  $ 23.64  
345839 Magnet
BW4405, Magnet
  $ 105.91  
M465SC Trans Prep green Transmission Assembly Lube


Specifically designed for automatic or manual transmission assembly. Lubricates o-rings, gaskets, bearings, bushings, sealing rings, thrust washers & seals during assembly. Its unique blue color prevents misdiagnosing leaks. Trans Prep will not melt at shop temperatures up to 135 & is formulated to dissolve quickly at operating temperatures, therefore not clogging filters. Trans Prep is compatible with all transmission fluids.
  • Designed to maintain tackiness in warmer environments
  • Holds parts in place and provides lubrication during start up
  • Compatible with all ATFs
  • Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures
  • GREEN formula eliminates misdiagnosing leaks
  • Smart Blend #5250 16oz.
  • $ 11.48  

    Pump Components Image Price    
    345500 Pump Assembly
    BW4405, Pump Assembly
      $ 90.93  

    Seals Image Price    
    345080 Seal, Rear
    BW1350, Seal, Output (Rear) / BW4404 Output/Input,Front/Rear
      $ 2.33  
    345073 Shift Shaft Seal (Electric Motor)
    Call for price and availability
    BW4405, Shift Shaft Seal (Electric Motor)
      $ 0.29  

    Shafts Image Price    
    345670A Input Shaft
    BW4405, Input Shaft
      $ 167.7  

    Sliders & Forks Image Price    
    345849 Range Fork
    BW4405, Range Fork
      $ 37.65  
    315849-1 Range Fork Insert
    BW4405, BW4407, BW4470 Range Fork Insert
      $ 0.53  
    315645A Range Slider
    BW4405, Range Slider
      $ 55.55  

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