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AW 450-43LE
Transmission breakdown illustration

AW 450-43LE
Automatic Transmission Parts

Click here for important info on our Transmission Rebuild Kits
Transmission Rebuild kits Image Price    
49006 Master kit, AW450-43LE, 98-UP
Includes: overhaul kit, friction clutch plates & standard steel plates
  $ 428.05  
49004 Banner kit, AW450-43LE, 98-UP
Includes: overhaul kit, friction clutch plates
  $ 274.8  
49002 Overhaul Kit, AW450-43LE 98-UP
Basic overhaul kit includes, paper gaskets, O rings, lip seals, metal clad seals and sealing rings.
  $ 153.06  
Filters Image Price    
A49010 Filter, AW450-43LE
ISUZU Truck, 4.8 diesel 1998-UP
$ 15.03  
Gaskets & O rings Image Price    
137300 Pan Gasket, A440F/AW450 (CORK)

$ 1.93  
137300F Pan Gasket, A440F/AW450 PAN (FIBER)

$ 5.11  
Metal Clad Seals Image Price    
137070 Seal, Pump, A440F 85-UP AW450-43LE 98-UP

$ 12.09  
60072 Seal, Manual Shaft 130/140/240/540/34O (ALSO HONDA 3/4/5 SPEED)
12 x 22 x 7mm Seal, Shift Lever RE5R05A
Seal, Manual Lever Shaft (A750, A760)
$ 1.47  
49074 Seal, AW450-43LE Extension Housing 98-UP

$ 15.84  
Bushings Image Price    
49030 Bushing kit, AW 450-43LE
Converter bushing in this kit is 1/4 inch longer than than OE
  $ 93.05  
137034A Bushing, Pump A440, A442 FJ80
AW450-43 Pump Bushing
  $ 2.82  
Clutch plates Image Price    
A49100 Friction, Overdrive Brake, AW450 98-UP

  $ 5.08  
A49102 Friction, Overdrive Direct, AW450 98-UP

  $ 4.1  
A137100 Friction, O.Drive / Inter A440F
AW 450, Friction, 2nd Brake (Intermediate)
  $ 5.36  
A137102 Friction, A440 O.D. / DIR / FWD / DIR 85-UP AW450 FWD/DIR 98-UP
AW 450, Friction, Direct
  $ 2.94  
A137102C Friction, Forward , AW450-43LE (1.8mm)

  $ 4.01  
R137102A Friction, A440 OD DIR/FWD/DIR 85-UP (Hi-Energy)
AW450 Friction, Forward (2.1mm) (Hi-Energy)
  $ 5.32  
R137114 Friction, Low/ Reverse, A440F .067" 1985-UP
AW450 Friction, Low/ Reverse
  $ 6.07  
137120AA Steel, A440F Overdrive Brake .095" 6 tooth
AW450, Steel Plate, Overdrive Brake (2.4mm)
  $ 5.37  
137122 Steel Plate, Forward, O.D, AW450
Steel, A440F O. Drive Direct/ Fwd /Direct .071" 1985-Up
Order qty. as needed, some units could use 14+ .
  $ 2.29  
137122AB Steel Plate, Direct, AW450 98-UP (.095" , 2.4mm)
  $ 6.09  
49134 Steel Plate, Low/ Reverse, AW450 98-UP

  $ 8.96  
49122 Steel Plate, Overdrive Direct, AW450 98-UP

  $ 3.76  
49124 Steel Plate, 2nd Brake (Intermediate), AW450

  $ 5.48  
Solenoids Image Price    
49420K SOLENOID GROUP 450-43LE 98-UP

$ 371.46  
49420AK SOLENOID GROUP 450-43LE 98-UP (Does Not Include EPC Solenoid)

$ 123.25  
D49431 Solenoid, Pressure Control (EPC)

  $ 260.21  
D49421A Solenoid, Lock-Up (TCC)
Solenoid, Timing (2 Hole Bracket)
  $ 74.13  
D49422A Solenoid, Shift 1
AW450-43 Solenoid, Shift 1 & 2 (90 degree Bracket)
  $ 69.72  
D49425A Solenoid, Timing
Solenoid, Lockup (TCC) (45 degree Bracket)
  $ 68.76  
D49446 Wire Harness, Internal AW 450-43LE W/Black Connector '00-UP
Wire Harness, Internal w/ Black Connector (00-Up)
  $ 203.21  
D49446A Wire Harness, Internal 450-43LE, w/ Brown Connector 1/1998-12/1999
Wire Harness, Internal w/ Brown Connector (1/98-12/99)
  $ 209.65  
Sprags Image Price    
Sonnax Image Price    
Sonnax Part # 94987-01K , Alt. vender: # W-S141741ECK
Click for Sonnax Information Sheet
  $ 158.41  
Pumps & Hard Parts Image Price    
D49500 Pump Assembly , 450-43LE, 98-UP 11T ooth inner gear
Brand new, not rebuilt
$ 623.22  

Instant Shudder Fixx, 
A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for INSTANTLY eliminating torque converter lock-up shudder
Torque converters Image Price    
TC-TO61 Torque converter, AW 450-43LE (Lock-Up)
Diameter -12.5”, Pilot - 1.572”, Mount - 6 Pads, Splines - 20
Notes - Low Stall
1987-04 Isuzu NPR Truck (Cab Over )4 Cyl Diesel
NOTICE: Converters do not qualify for free shipping! Some Converters may require an $80.00 core charge added to order. We will contact you if core charge is required on your converter.
$ 195  
TC-TO61B Torque converter, AW 450-43LE (Lock-Up)
Diameter -12.5”, Pilot - .785”, Mount - 4 Pads, Splines - 20
Notes - Low Stall
2000-01 Mitsubishi FUSO Diesel
NOTICE: Converters do not qualify for free shipping! Some Converters may require an $80.00 core charge added to order. We will contact you if core charge is required on your converter.
$ 219.71  
TC-TO63 Torque converter, AW 450-43LE (Lock-Up)
Diameter -12.5”, Pilot - 1.257”, Mount - 6 Pads, Splines - 20
Notes - Low Stall
1999-Up Nissan (Cab Over Engine)
Orange Paint SpotsS hown w/ Removable Alignment Studs
NOTICE: Converters do not qualify for free shipping! Some Converters may require an $80.00 core charge added to order. We will contact you if core charge is required on your converter.
$ 248.78  
Miscellaneous Items Image Price    
A44839 Transmission MAGNET, Square
Magnet fits in most pans
Traps fine metal shavings
Approx 1" L x 3/4" W
$ 2.34  
M463SA Ground strap, 14 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems.
A must check item on every rebuild.
$ 3.62  
M463SB Ground strap, 42 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems. A must check item on every rebuild
$ 7.52  
M465SC Trans Prep green Transmission Assembly Lube


Specifically designed for automatic or manual transmission assembly. Lubricates o-rings, gaskets, bearings, bushings, sealing rings, thrust washers & seals during assembly. It’s unique blue color prevents misdiagnosing leaks. Trans Prep will not melt at shop temperatures up to 135º & is formulated to dissolve quickly at operating temperatures, therefore not clogging filters. Trans Prep is compatible with all transmission fluids.
  • Designed to maintain tackiness in warmer environments
  • Holds parts in place and provides lubrication during start up
  • Compatible with all ATFs
  • Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures
  • GREEN formula eliminates misdiagnosing leaks
  • Smart Blend #5250 16oz.
  • $ 11.48  
    LA-2001K 18 oz. Cooler line cleaner with 5/16 and 3/8 adapter

    Always flush the cooling system

    Contaminated fluid will stay in the cooling system, this will flush out the system and prevent re-contamination to the transmission!

    Life Automotive Products INVENTED, DESIGNED & PATENTED the first aerosol Transmission Cooler Flush product in 1993 utilizing an OEM approved, biodegradable cleaning agent. Trans Flush’s unique design and patented technology have made it the #1 selling cooler and line flusher worldwide. It safely flushes out harmful contaminants (metal shavings and sludge) from the transmission cooler and lines preventing the contaminants from entering a newly installed transmission. Accept No Imitations
  • Prevents Contamination (metal shavings & sludge etc.)
  • Prevents Costly Comebacks
  • Patented High Pressure Cleaner
  • #1 Choice of Professional Mechanics Worldwide
  • OEM & Large Rebuilder Approved Supplier
  • Proven and Used in Millions of Vehicles
    Contains:M465F18 & M465FB

    Click here for a TRANS FLUSH" Cooler line return chart.
  • $ 24.68  

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