Valve body kits

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
A76169HPT       4R75 PowerTow Kit - (FB # PT4R75 TS# S76169E
PowerTow Selective Action Perfromance Packages are specifically designed and tested for hauling, fleet and commercial units.
3 Levels of Calibration with "Programmer Friendly" performance levels.
Kit Includes: New Billet Aluminum Double-ringed 2/3 Accu-seal Piston
Complete Steel "No Ream" PR Valve/Boost Train
Steel BCC Boost Valve and Sleeve. Super Tough Plate Included to Replace Often Cracked Stock Separator Plate
2/3 Steel End Plug w/O-ring
Developed for F-150 Trucks but will fit Grand Marquis, Crown Vic, Police, Taxi and Mustang.

A76747C       Valve Body Separator Plate, 4R70, 4R75E, L2000-UP
4R70E-W/75E-W 2001- Up Super Tuff Plate SUPERIOR #K092
Prevents costly No-Go's and comebacks in the Late 2000-up 4R70W/4R75W transmissions by helping to eliminate plate cracking and cross leaks caused by constant pounding from the 2-3 Accumulator Piston Spring Retainer on the stock separator plate.

S76165E       Shift correction package AODE
This valve body kit deals with these problems: * Soft sloppy 1-2 shifts * Inadequate lube * Overdrive band failure * 3rd clutch failure * 2nd roller clutch failure * Soft sloppy 3-4 shifts * Converter shudder 1. Just one Superior kit does both the AOD-E and the 4R70W Transmissions. 2. The AOD-E kit offers regular and heavy-duty applications. 3. Use of this transmission in police cars many times means come backs due to unit failure. This package was largely designed and developed through field testing on police vehicles. 4. Included in this kit is a special design Spiral "Plus" ring set. The "New Millenium" two piece design in the AOD-E Shift Correction Package features the Spiral Ring and the G-lock ring, teamed up to withstand testing at over 16,000 RPM on a dynamometer. Even at that high speed the new design did not fail. The New Spiral "Plus" ring set replaces the stock snap ring that often times slings off. Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number KAOD-E. *****The New Spiral "Plus" ring kit now available for AOD (3 per package) Superior part number K010

STP-23007       AOD-E/4R70W (91-04) TransAction Kit (Fairbanks 23007 )
High Performance
Offers 3 levels of Performance: 1. Heavy Duty 2. Street & Strip 3. Full Competition
Transforms your automatic into a true performance transmission! 
* Increases lube 
* Second roller clutch, high rpm failure 
* Proper shift duration timing 
* Third and forward clutch burn-up 
* OD band burn-up and tie-up 
1. This TransAction kit includes a newly designed OD servo piston and a no leak performance design 2-3 accumulator piston. 
2. Includes steel boost valve and sleeve to replace worn OEM.

T76165E       TransGo Shift Kits AODE / 4R70W *Updated Kit
TransGo # SK AODE Shift improvement / correction kit Calibration and Assembly Upgrade, Install during rebuild only.
1991-04 Ford, Mercury, Lincoln
1994 - up Mustang, T-Bird, Bronco, Lt Trucks

T76171E       TransGo Reprogramming Kit AODE / 4R70W Performance / heavy duty kit AODE-HD2 *Updated Kit
1991-2004 Performance / heavy duty kit AODE-HD2
Short, firm full throttle shifts. Back shifts to any gear at your command. Includes EPC Bypass to prevent parts breakage.

T76173E       TransGo Reprogramming Kit AODE / 4R70W Perfomance stick shift AODE-3
Perfomance stick shift AODE-3
Stick Shift: Competition, off road and pro-street Full manual control 1991-2001

T-BB100       Tool, Bench buddy kit
Superior Bench Buddy (Superior BB100 )
Problem Solver
Impregnated with a special super fine abrasive, Bench Buddy brushes easily remove small burrs and polish the inside of a valve bore with virtually no enlargement of the bore diameter itself. Each Bench Buddy kit features 4 different sized brushes. * Improves the surface finish of a bore by up to 50% * Restore smooth valve operation in seconds * Services bores from 1/4 to 1

T-BB100A       Accumulator Buddy Kit / Bore B rushes