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Home > Ford Transmission Parts RWD > AODE, 4R70W, 4R75 > Solenoids

AODE, 4R70W, 4R75
Automatic Transmission Solenoids

Part #    Name & Description Image Price    
36436B       Sensor, Output Speed (VSS) E4OD 93-UP,
Sensor, Output Speed (VSS) (on differential)
AODE/4R70W 1990-up ,4R44,5R55E 1997-UP AODE/4R70W, 1990-UP
New Aftermarket mfg.

76420EAK       Solenoid Master kit, AODE, 1995-97
Kit includes, (1) D76421, Shift solenoid pack, NEW design
(1) 76425BA, Lock-Up (TCC) PWM (White Connector 13.3 OHM)
(1) D76431, EPC, Long TAN connector
Kits may include various brands.

76420EK       Solenoid Master kit, AODE, 1992-94
Kit includes, (1) D76421, Shift solenoid pack, NEW design
(1) D76425B, Lock-Up (TCC) PWM, (Black Connector 1.5 OHM)
(1) D76431, EPC, Long TAN connector
Kit may include various brands.

76421       Solenoid, AODE / 4R70W DUAL shift
1992-97 . Common brands - Rostra

76425B       Solenoid Lock-Up (TCC) PWM, (Black Connector 1.5 OHM), AODE***CALL FOR AVAILABILITY***

Can use T76425
1992-94 , O.E.# F2VY-7G136-A . Various Common brands

76425BA       Solenoid, Lock-Up (TCC) PWM (White Connector 13.3 OHM) (AODE)
1995-97, OE# F5AZ-7G136-A . Common brands - Borg Warner
Old # D76425BA

76425BB       Solenoid, (Z) Lock-Up (TCC) (4R70W)
1998-up . Common brands - Borg Warner & Various brands (D76425BB)

76430B       Solenoid, MCCC, AODE, (15 Ohm)

76431       Solenoid, AODE, EPC, Long TAN connector
1992-97, F6AZ-7G383-AA . Common brands - Borg Warner & Ford
Old # D76431

76431B       Solenoid, 4R70W, EPC, Short Tan connector,
FORD Pickup , 5.4L engine, 1999-04 .
Firmer Shift at Higher Torque Demand than 76431A

76431C       Solenoid, 4R70W / 4R75W EPC 2005 up
2005 up design

76436A       Sensor, AODE / 4R70W Output VSS, with Magnetic Pick-Up
Rectangular Connector

76436B       Sensor, 4R70W Output Speed (VSS) (Case) 2001-2003
Square Connector 2001-2003

D36436       Sensor, OUTPUT VSS, Cable driven, .870 inch dia.
Output Speed sensor (VSS) (Analog - Cable Driven) C6 / E40D / A4LD / AOD / AODE / AXOD / E
. Common brands -OE mfg

D76410E       Sensor, Transmission Range Sensor (MLPS), 8 pin
AODE 1992-97, 4R44E / 5R55E 1995-96 .

D76410EA       Sensor, Transmission Range Sensor (MLPS), UPDATED FROM 12 PIN TO 11 Pin, .530" Bolt Insert
4R44E / 5R55E after 8-27-96, 4R70W 1998-UP . Common brands -Ford Dealer

D76410EB       Sensor, Transmission Range (MLPS), 12 Pin, .860? Bolt Insert
4R70W 1995 to 10/97 .... Check # of pins
12 Pin, .860" Bolt Insert (4R70W)

D76421       Solenoid, AODE Shift solenoid pack 1992-97, NEW design, 1992-97
Redesigned mounting bracket, (Soft Wire)
Common brands -OE mfg

D76421A       Solenoid, 4R70W Shift solenoid pack, 1998-UP
Solenoid, Shift (Dual) (Hard Wire) . Common brands -OE mfg

D76421B       Solenoid, Shift (Dual) 4R70/75E/W (Soft Wire) 09-UP

D76425C       Solenoid, TCC 4R70/75E/W Lock-Up (TCC) (Soft Wire) 09-UP
Solenoid, Lock-Up (TCC) (Soft Wire) 1990-Up

D76431D       Solenoid, EPC, 4R70/75E/W (Soft Wire) 2009-UP


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