Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
A92530A       Pump gears, A670 1999 +
.708 inch 12T Inner, Rotor Type (A670)

D92500E       Pump, A604, 40TES, 2007+ (5.825" Stator)
NEW Pump (5.825" Stator) (A604, 40TES)

D92540       BY-PASS Valve, A604 / A606
IN the case, under pump

D92540A       BY-PASS Valve, A604 / A606 (In cooler line)
Splices in cooler line

R92500B       Pump Assembly, A604, 4 Ring Stator, 1990-1998
25T Inner Gear (4 Ring Stator)

R92500C       Pump Assembly, A604, 12 Lobe inner gear 1999-UP
A604 Stator Length is 6 9/16" (This is Longer than the 62TE Stator)
A604 Body has Two Half moon cut aways

Pumps do not include seals, gaskets or o'ring