Drums & Pistons

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
A92960       Retainer, Underdrive Piston (w/ Molded Rubber) A604, A606
42RlE Underdrive Piston (Bonded)
62TE 2006-up

A92962A       Piston, 2-4 Clutch, 40TE, 2-4 Clutch (BONDED) 04-UP (.860" TALL)
2004-up 40TE only

A92962B       Piston, 2-4 Clutch (Bonded) 41TE 2004-UP
Also fits 42RLE & 62TE 2006-up

A92967A       Piston, Low/ Reverse Clutch , 40TE (BONDED) 2004-UP
1.200" Tall

A92977       Spring, A604/ 606 Low / Reverse Return 89-05
Use with Aluminum Piston Design!

D92554AK       Drum Kit, A604 / 42RLE, Input Clutch Retainer
Input Clutch Retainer (w/o Bevel)

D92568       Piston & retainer kit, A604, A606 2nd - 4th clutch

D92967       Piston, A604, A606 Low / reverse clutch

D92971       Spring, A604,A606 Overdrive & Reverse Return
42RLE Spring, Overdrive & Reverse Return

D92977B       Spring, A604, Low/ Reverse Return 04-UP Bonded Piston design
Use with Bonded Piston (not Aluminum design)
42RLE Spring, Low/ Reverse Return (Bonded Piston Design)

D92978       Spring,, A604,A606 2nd/4th Clutch Return

D92980       Piston Housing A604 / A606, for Underdrive piston
Piston, Underdrive Housing .500" Tall

D92980A       Piston, Underdrive Housing 40TE / 62TE,
2003-UP various units .750" - 3/4" TALL

S92344K       Seal, Low/ Reverse Clutch Piston retainer, Oil Feed Seal
Sonnax Part # 92106-01K , Alt. vender: # W-S92329AK
A604, A606, Seal & spacer package for Low/reverse retaner.
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