Transmission Rebuild Kit in a Box, 4L60E 1997-2003

Part # 74006EB-BOX-1, Transmission Rebuild in a Box, 4L60E 1997-2003 includes
74006EB - Master kit, 4L60E 1997-2003 with Pistons & Turb. steels
B74020AH - Band 4L60E with High energy lining
74030E - Bushing kit, includes TEFLON pump body & BRONZE case bushings
Various filter types ** Click to order filter separately **
A74654A - Sprag, 4L60E, low / reverse (WIDE)
A74658B - Sprag, 4L60E Forward, SILVER caps
74200 - Thrust washer kit, 700R4 / 4L60E
74201A - Bearing kit, (torrington bearings)
A74624AA - Upgrade - Shell, 700R4/4L60E, 82-UP, Reaction Sun Gear Shell, (THE MONSTER)
A74531CK - Pump Rotor kit, 13 vane kit
A74927 - 3-4 Accumulator Piston , .310" PIN dia
A74927B - 1-2 Accumulator Piston, w/ .230" PIN dia.
Transmission Rebuild Kit in a Box,  4L60E 1997-2003

    Price: $446.64

    Code: 74006EB-BOX-1

    Transmission Rebuild Kit in a Box, 4L60E 1997-2003
    Premium OE Quality parts for a major rebuild with minor upgrades.
    Must Purchase Filter Separately since Cars, Corvette & Trucks use different filters!

    Detailed kit contents listed on top of the product page!
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