Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
16530       Pump Gears, 5R110W, 03-UP

P16500A       Pump, Remanufactured, 5R110W 2005-UP (w/ Remote Filter)
You will be charged an $85 core.

P16500B       Pump, Remanufactured, 5R110W L2007-up (No Remote Filter)
You will be charged an $85 core.
Verify Passage (Cross Cut slot cut in stator)

R16500       Pump, Rebuilt 5R110W (w/ Remote Filter) 2003-2004

T-172       Tool, Pump Alignment Universal
REPLACES: T2862 / T2162 / T1062 / T1762 / T1097 / T2962
Fits all past, present & future applications
Utilize a wider band for better tool to pump alignment
Better pump alignment due to the constant, even pressure
Very easy to use
Less expensive than buying individual sizes Pump Alignment Chart Guide

Pumps do not include seals, gaskets or o'ring