Bearings & Washers

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
16231       Washer, 5R110W Forward Drum to Hub 05-UP

16238       Bearing, 5R110W, Front Planet to Rear Planet, 2003-UP

16251       Washer, 5R110W Rear Planet Front & Rear 03-08

16254       Bearing, 5R110W Rear Ring Gear Hub to Case, 2003-UP

16263       Washer, 5R110W Case to Park Gear w/1 tab 03-UP

36231       Washer, C6 / E40D, FWD drum to clutch hub
5R110W Washer, Forward Drum to Hub

16235C       Bearing, 5R110W Forward Planet to Hub, 2005-UP

16263A       Bearing, 5R110W Case to Park Gear (w/ Lip), 2003-UP

16263B       Bearing, 5R110W Case to Park Gear (w/o Lip) (Flat), 2003-UP
(w/o Lip) (Flat)

D36235CA       Bearing, E4OD Forward Planet to Hub 1997-UP
5R110 2003-2004 Forward Planet to Hub bearing

S16201       BEARING KIT, 5R110W (SONNAX)