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Makco Transmission Parts
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Subaru 5 Speed transmission
Click here for
5EAT Transmission breakdown illustration

5EAT - Subaru
Automatic Transmission Parts

Click here for important info on our Transmission Rebuild Kits
Transmission kits Image Price    
63006B Master kit, SUBARU 5EAT 05-UP
Includes: overhaul kit, friction clutch plates & standard steel plates
  $ 592.29  
63004B Banner kit, SUBARU 5EAT 05-UP
Includes: overhaul kit & friction clutch plates
  $ 399.13  
63002B Overhaul kit, SUBARU 5EAT 05-UP
Basic overhaul kit includes, paper gaskets, O rings, lip seals, metal clad seals and sealing rings.
  $ 314.19  
Filters Image Price    
A63010B Filter, SUBARU 5EAT 05-UP

$ 11.23  
Gaskets & Seals Image Price    
63300B Pan Gasket, SUBARU 5EAT 2005-UP

$ 5.11  
23070A Seal, Front / converter, R4AX-EL, 1987-UP
5EAT - Subaru
$ 3.87  
23096 Seal, Pinion, SUBARU

  $ 7.29  
53074 Seal, Rear, 3N71B, 1.375 inch ID
with out FLANGE, 1972-87
R4AX-EL, 5EAT - Subaru Seal, Rear (4wd Extension Housing)
$ 3.73  
Pistons Image Price    
63984 Retainer, Input Clutch, RE5R05A 02-UP (BONDED)
Retainer, Input Clutch Balance (Bonded)
Also fits, 5EAT Subaru
  $ 16.01  
63985 Retainer, Direct Clutch RE5R05A DIR CLU BAL 02-UP (BONDED)
Retainer, Direct Clutch Balance (Bonded)
Also fits, 5EAT Subaru
  $ 16.66  
63987 Retainer, Hi-Low/Rev , RE5R05A 02-UP (BONDED)
Retainer, Hi-Low/Rev Clutch Balance (Bonded)
Also fits, 5EAT Subaru
  $ 13.64  
Clutch Plates Image Price    
J63100 Friction, Input, RE5R05A 02-UP

  $ 4.08  
J63106 Friction, Direct, RE5R05A 02-UP

  $ 4.13  
J63108 Friction, Forward, RE5R05A 02-UP

  $ 3.64  
J63110 Friction, Reverse, RE5R05A 02-UP (50T)
50 tooth, Order as needed -requires 6
Normally NOT for Titan, Armada, QX56 Count teeth before ordering!
  $ 5.76  
J63112 Friction, High & Low/ Reverse RE5R05A
3 required
  $ 3.61  
J63114 Friction, High & Low/ Reverse
Order 3-5 as required
  $ 3.27  
A23118B Frictio , SUBARU 4SPD TRANSFER CLU 01-UP (.071" 50T)
5EAT Friction, Transfer
  $ 5.72  
23138A Steel, R4AX-EL TRANSFER clutch, 1991-UP
.063, 30 teeth
5EAT Steel Plate, Transfer
  $ 6.13  
63120 STEEL, RE5R05A INPUT 02-UP
5EAT Steel Plate, Input
  $ 3.82  
5EAT Steel Plate, Direct
  $ 4.54  
63128 STEEL, RE5R05A FORWARD 02-UP (.079")(18 WIDE TEETH)

  $ 3.48  
63130 STEEL, RE5R05A REV 02-UP .079" (EXC TITAN/ARMADA/QX56)
5EAT Steel Plate, Reverse
  $ 4.87  
63132 STEEL, RE5R05A LOW COAST 02-UP (.079") (18 WIDE TEETH)
5EAT Steel Plate, Low Coast
  $ 2.35  
5EAT Steel Plate, High & Low/ Reverse
  $ 2.73  

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