Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
A34551       Drum, Overrun Clutch, 4L80E 1991- early 2001
Drum, Overrun Clutch w/ Sun Gear (Uses 34650 Roller Clutch)

A34551A       Drum, Overrun Clutch, 4L80E, Late 2001-UP
Drum, Overrun Clutch w/ Sun Gear (Uses 34650A Roller Clutch)

A34555E       Drum, 4L80E Direct drum, 1991 + (NO sprag or race)
Drum, Direct (5 Clutch) (w/o Sprag)
Drum only-No Race or sprag included

A34960E       Piston, 4L80E Overrun clutch (BONDED RUBBER)

A34964EA       Piston, 4L80E FWD clutch
Stamped steel with bonded Lip Seal 1997-UP

A34965G       Piston, 4L80E DIRECT clutch Molded rubber) 97-UP
Molded rubber, 1997-UP, will retro fit back to 1991

D34146B       Pressure Plate, 4L80E Direct clutch

D34156       Pressure plate , 4L80E, Direct / Overrun

D34964E       Piston, 400 / 4L80E FWD clutch 1991-95
(O.E. #8675508)

D34965E       Piston, 400 / 4L80E Direct clutch (6 clutch LATE)
ALUMINUM, with out check ball, (DISH SPRING TYPE) (O.E. #8675511) .623 inch tall / Uses retainer with springs (CAST#8675510)

D34970       Retainer with springs, 4L80E Overrun clutch retainer