Miscellaneous Items

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
14204       Trans Pan Cooler Black, GM 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E
***NOTE - WILL NOT FIT 1997-UP 4L60E Truck & Van (deep pan)
Features and Benefits
NEW Trasmission Pan Cooler to replace #14104
NEW powder coated wrinkle black finish!
NEW 1/8" NPT bung in side for temperature sender!
Reduces fluid temperatures 20-50�F
Heavy guage stamped steel construction
Increases fluid capacity by 2 qts. 4 oz.
Patented turbulator cooling tubes add heat transfer capability
Zinc plated finish
Pan depth: 3-5/8"
Magnetic drain plug with increased magnetic strength and rubber/steel washer
Derale has been making quality transmission cooling pans for over 25 years, this new 700R4/4L60E pan has been redesigned to fit more applications then previous designs. We also added a much stronger magnetic drain plug and rubber/steel reusable washer and an 1/8" NPT temperature sender bung located in the side of the pan. To top it off it will be finished with a durable black zinc finish.
Pan depth: 3-5/8"
Tube depth: 2-9/16"
Extra capacity: 2 qts 4 oz.
Temp bung size: 1/8" NPT
Fits most GM Turbo 700 R4 &4L60E 1982-1997 applications

A44839       Transmission MAGNET, Square
Magnet fits in most pans, Traps fine metal shavings
Approx 1 inchL x 3/4 inch W

A44839B       Transmission MAGNET, round
Round, thick (.250" +-) Magnet fits in most pans to trap fine metal shavings

D74480D       Accumulator 3-4 capsule, w/ check ball, 700R4 / 4L60E,

D74490E       VENT, 4L60E CASE (METAL) 92-UP

D74958       Drive shaft Yoke Seal / cup, 700R4 / 4L60E, 1985-UP
Tin cup on output shaft. Seals Yoke from leaking

D74996B       Cooler line case connector - GM late -SOME
Late GM snap in type for 3/8" lines

LA-2001K       18 oz. Cooler line cleaner with 5/16 and 3/8 adapter
Always flush the cooling system
Contaminated fluid will stay in the cooling system, this will flush out the system and prevent re-contamination to the transmission!

Life Automotive Products INVENTED, DESIGNED & PATENTED the first aerosol Transmission Cooler Flush product in 1993 utilizing an OEM approved, biodegradable cleaning agent. Trans Flush's unique design and patented technology have made it the #1 selling cooler and line flusher worldwide. It safely flushes out harmful contaminants (metal shavings and sludge) from the transmission cooler and lines preventing the contaminants from entering a newly installed transmission. Accept No Imitations
  • Prevents Contamination (metal shavings & sludge etc.)
  • Prevents Costly Comebacks
  • Patented High Pressure Cleaner
  • #1 Choice of Professional Mechanics Worldwide
  • OEM & Large Rebuilder Approved Supplier
  • Proven and Used in Millions of Vehicles

Contains:M465F18 & M465FB

Click here for a TRANS FLUSH" Cooler line return chart.

M463D       GM Universal RWD dust cover
Fits 90% of GM RWD automatic transmissions from 1965-1995
Alt. part # K35803U

M463SA       Ground strap, 14 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems.
A must check item on every rebuild.

M463SB       Ground strap, 42 inch long
Missing or bad ground straps can cause many problems. A must check item on every rebuild
PI# 35756A

M465SC       Trans Prep green Transmission Assembly Lube
Specifically designed for automatic or manual transmission assembly. Lubricates o-rings, gaskets, bearings, bushings, sealing rings, thrust washers & seals during assembly. It's unique blue color prevents misdiagnosing leaks. Trans Prep will not melt at shop temperatures up to 135 ° & is formulated to dissolve quickly at operating temperatures, therefore not clogging filters. Trans Prep is compatible with all transmission fluids.
  • Designed to maintain tackiness in warmer environments
  • Holds parts in place and provides lubrication during start up
  • Compatible with all ATFs
  • Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures
  • GREEN formula eliminates misdiagnosing leaks
  • Smart Blend #5250 16oz.


MT183       Mount, GM transmission *Big WIDE mount
4x4 and some 4x2 Trucks, Motor homes 1985-1996
Trans mount base = 7 5/8" bolt hole center to center
2 top studs = 4 1/2" center to center
Mount height = 2 7/8" +-

T74494U       Fill Tube & Dip stick, 700R4 type
Fits GM 700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E '95 and earlier. Features the lockdown top to eliminate stick blow-out!
ALT PART # K77999U

T74908       Pin, 2nd Apply (Extendo) 700-R4 (82-93)
Teckpak, 2nd apply, to adjust pin length