Drums & Pistons

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
A74556B       DRUM, 4L60 / 4L60E, REV INPUT (NO Check ball)
New low price on a New Drum (No check ball in drum)
Fits 700R4 / 4L60 from 3/87 to 1993
4L60E 1993 +

A74960E       Piston, 4L60E 4th clutch
Molded rubber, 1994-UP

A74964A       Piston, 4L60E FWD clutch
Molded rubber, 1994-UP

A74969A       Piston, 4L60E Overrun clutch
Molded rubber, 1994-UP


The OE cast aluminum forward piston frequently breaks due to rough castings and high stresses. This billet aluminum forward piston eliminates these concerns by using high strength billet material and a design with added contours in the high stress areas. No machining or modification is required to use this piston and it can be used in all 4L60/4L60-E/4L65-E as long as it is used in conjunction with an aluminum over run piston.

  • Eliminates concerns of forward piston breakage.
  • Improved durability and strength over the OE's cast aluminum forward piston.
  • Can be used in both early and late model transmissions.

A74971K       Hi-Rev Spring kit , 700 / 4L60E
TransGo Clutch spring kit #7-CS, High-Rev, 
3-4 & Forward Clutch Spring Kit: Prevents Hi RPM centrifugal apply. A must have for hi-Rev use above 5400 RPM, With original or additional clutches.

D74554DA       DRUM/INPUT SFT,700/4L60E Input Drum & Shaft w/ Pilot , 87-UP 30 spline
Input Drum & Shaft w/ Pilot
Use with 298mm, 30 Spl. Torque Converter

D74554DC       Drum, 4L70E, Input Drum & Shaft, no Pilot w/ reluctor 05-UP
Input Drum & Shaft no Pilot (w/ Reluctor)
Use with 298mm, 30 Spl. Torque Converter

D74554G       Drum, 4L60E Input Drum & Shaft 30 Spline 98-2005
No Pilot, Use with 300mm, 30 Spl. Torque Converter only

D74554GA       Drum, 4L60E Input Drum & Shaft no Pilot 30 spline 2006+
2006 up w/ Reluctor
Use with 300mm, 30 Spl. Torque Converter

D74554J       Drum, 4L60/70E, Input Drum & Shaft 06-UP w/ Reluctor
Input Drum & Shaft no Pilot w/ Reluctor 4L70E
Use with 245mm, 27 Spl. Torque Converter

D74966A       Piston, 700R4 / 4L60E Reverse Input Clutch (Aluminum, 3 Clutch)****No Longer Available****
1987-96****No Longer Available***

D74967E       Piston, 4L60E Low / Reverse clutch 1992-UP

D74970       Release Spring Assembly, 3-4 Clutch Load, 700-R4 / 4L60E
1987-up, Order 5 for a set

D74979B       Retainer w/ Spring, Forward Clutch Return, 4L60E

S74569       Input Drum Reinforcement Sleeve, Seal & Piston Kit
Sonnax Part # 77733-01K , Alt. vender: # W-S74969K
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