Valve body kits

Part #     Name     Description Image Price  
A44741-5       Check Ball, Valve Body (Steel) (1 ball)
Standard small GM balls, each
Order as many as needed for your application.

A74747U       Separator plate, 700R4 / 4L60, Valve body plate, 1982-93
Transgo # 700-P, 700R4 / 4L60 separator has improved universal advanced design allows 1-plate to fit 1981-1993 models.

S74165       Shift correction package 700-R4
This valve body kit deals with these problems: * Inadequate pressure rise * Burned clutches and bands * Erratic shift points * Soft or bump up shifts * Bump on coast down shifts * Raises lock up speed * 2nd and 3rd flare up * Part throttle searching between 4th and 3rd 1. The Superior 700-R4 kit contains an anti-stick throttle valve spring. 2. This package deals with the weak 3-4 clutch problems in a very effective manner. 3. The feed to the clutch is made more direct. 4. Throttle valve travel is changed to stop slipping on very light acceleration. 5. Timing is corrected on the 3-2 downshift. 6. Overall apply pressure and oil flow is increased. A high performance version (K700-R4-HP) is offered for street rods, racing and extreme heavy duty. 7. This valve body kit comes supplied with the Corvette servo, the big .471 TV boost valve and throttle valve sleeve for full throttle 3-4 upshifts plus valve body modifications that keep apply pressures up to needed capacity. Note to purchasing : Ask for Superior part numbers K700-R4 (regular) and K700-R4-HP (high performance).

S74171       High performance shift package 700-R4 by Superior
1982-93 by Superior This high performance valve body kit is designed to deliver the following: Super positive shifts, Includes Corvette style servo, Stabilizes 4-3 shift, Raises lock-up speed Includes .471 boost valve, Includes Corvette up shift sle

STP-70015       700-R4 (All Models) TransAction Kit (Fairbanks 70015 )
High Performance
Offers 3 levels of Performance: 1. Heavy Duty 2. Performance Street 3. Competition
Transforms your automatic into a true performance transmission! * Offers super positive shifts * Helps keep 3-4 clutches alive * Better control of manual low to higher road speeds * Quick band release on 4-3 downshift 1. The 700-R4 TransAction keeps normal throttle operation while allowing for better manual control. 2. The daily driver's dream! Clean positive shifts under normal throttle, super positive shifts under heavy throttle.

T74165       TransGo Shift Kits, 700-R4 82-93
TransGo # SK 700 Shift improvement / correction kit
Stuck TV, downshift clunk, 3-4 clutch failure, soft & slide bump shifts, reverse delay hot

T74167       TransGo Shift Kits JR TH700-R4 1985-UP
TransGo # SK 700-Jr Shift improvement / correction kit Easy Installation!
Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: FIXES late shifts & Sticking TV Valve. Prevents 3-4 clutch failure, soft / slide-bump 1-2
Helps 2-3 cutloose & shuttle 4-3-4-3 shifting.

T74171       TransGo Reprogramming Kit 700R4 / 4L60
Performance, Stick shift or automatic shift kit 700-2&3
Competition, off road and pro-street Optional Stick Shift Shift command: Holds 1st, 2nd and 3rd to any RPM; Backshifts to 3rd, 2nd and 1st at any RPM. Transgo Professional use kit
Shift Command = Holds 1st, 2nd and 3rd at any rpm. Backshifts to 3rd, 2nd and 1st at any rpm.

T-BB100       Tool, Bench buddy kit
Superior Bench Buddy (Superior BB100 )
Problem Solver
Impregnated with a special super fine abrasive, Bench Buddy brushes easily remove small burrs and polish the inside of a valve bore with virtually no enlargement of the bore diameter itself. Each Bench Buddy kit features 4 different sized brushes. * Improves the surface finish of a bore by up to 50% * Restore smooth valve operation in seconds * Services bores from 1/4 to 1

T-BB100A       Accumulator Buddy Kit / Bore B rushes

VB-101       Valve body plate ball Seat repair kit
Comes with 5 ball seats & 5 C clips, Repairs 700R4, 2004R, many GM's and Chrysler VB plates that have Check Balls that have worn out the plate.