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Home > Dodge Transmission Parts RWD > A500 (40RH 42RE 42RH 44RE) > Transmission Rebuild in a Box > Transmission Parts Rebuild in a Box, 42RE, 44RE 1999-2004

# 12006EA-BOX-1 Transmission Rebuild in a Box, 42RE, 44RE 1999-2004
12006EA - Master kit, 42RE,44RE 1999-04
A12022B - Band A500 front band, 1.610" wide 1992 +
A12024A - Band, Rear Double wrap 2" wide
12030EB - Bushing kit, A500
12010J - Filter, Metal & Plastic
A12650 - Sprag, Overdrive clutch
A54654A - Sprag, Low (rear) 12 springs & 12 Rollers, Cage type sprag
12200B - Thrust washer kit, A500 with popular selectives
12220 - Bearing & Thrust plate, Overdrive planet to hub (Update)
S12912 - Piston, Rear servo, Sonnax # 22912A
A12974 - Bellville Spring, rear clutch, diaphram
A44839 - Transmission MAGNET, Square
M463SA -Ground strap, 14 inch long
S12174 - Sonnax Sure Cure kit
Helps cure, Lock-up shudder, pressure reg. buzz, delayed engagement, slips in rev and more.

Transmission Parts Rebuild in a Box, 42RE, 44RE 1999-2004
Premium OE Quality parts for a major rebuild with minor upgrades.
Transmission Parts Rebuild in a Box,   42RE, 44RE  1999-2004 Quantity in Basket: None
Part #: 12006EA-BOX-1
Box Price: $486.84
Additional items you may want to purchase separately
that are NOT in this "Rebuild in a Box" kits
Transmission repair manuals
TCC Lockup solenoids & Sensors
Valve body kits
Hard parts - OD Planet set
Sonnax Items
Converter LU & Non-LU, 1992-Up
Converter LU & Non-LU, Pre-1992
Converter AMC (No Ring gear)

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